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Vapo E-Liquid 20ml VG - Dun_hill

Price: 25.64RON
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Vapo E-Liquid 20ml VG - Dun_hill 

Vapo E-liquid is a top premium e-liquid , original designed by Liberty Flights ( USA ) and sold in UK too .

This e-liquid does not contain PROPYLENE GLYCOL ( PG )  . 

Composition : 

  • vegetable glycerin ( VG )
  • natural flavour 
  • Pure water
  • Nicotine ( extracted from tobacco )

Nicotine levels : 

  • Extra High 24mg
  • High 18mg
  • Medium 12mg
  • Low 6mg
  • Zero 0mg

This e-liquid is an absolutely unique new concept that emerged from the desire to provide a healthy E-juice, containing only natural ingredients with the highest quality .

The bottles are well sealed , so there is not any risk of leaking .

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Vapo E-liquid 15ml PG - MBL

Vapo E-liquid 15ml PG - MBL

Vapo E-liquid 15ml PG - MBL The well known tobacco MBL flavour . This liquid contain propylene glycol . The size of bottle is 15ml . Available nicotine level :  High 24mg  



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